The Interview

One of the things I most look forward to is reading each new member’s interview answers.

The questions come from the once famous questionnaires completed by French writer Marcel Proust. Vanity Fair has been using a revised version to interview celebrities for years.

Here the questions have been slightly modified, but the essence is the same. The questionnaire started as a parlor game used to both entertain and get to know an individual’s tastes, traits, and unique perspective. In our community, I look forward to exactly that, discovering the delightful uniqueness of each member.

“The Interview” section of your member profile has all the questions. Be as brief or prolific as you please. The privacy settings on each question are up to you, you can make public, private, or eliminate all together. The last question asks if you’d like to be featured on the blog. If you tick yes, we’ll let you know when your post is going to be published. We can’t wait to read you!


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  1. lbuffy.crow 1 year ago

    Thank you Rachel for your you courage. I understand how hard it is to finally start talking about the horror and secrets of abuse but it it sp i imperative tar our stories are told. This encourages others to break that vicious cycle.

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