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Hi! My name is Rachel, founder of Behind the Woman.

Here’s how this all started:


One morning I was standing in my bathroom sobbing.

It was one of those days where life has piled up and comes pouring out of your eyeballs.

I was frustrated that I couldn’t “get it together”.


I am the mom of two young children. When they were toddlers, my marriage ended.

For years I’d been through endless legal proceedings while working to rebuild life.

I often felt isolated trying to create the future I wanted for my little ones.


I was behind on bills, and my days seemed like an endless parade of challenges.

I felt like I was failing my kids when I didn’t give them undivided attention.

But I felt like I was failing life when I wasn’t making progress fast enough.


Sometimes life just felt lonely. When I was younger I’d taken for granted the luxury of deep friendships.

Now I felt distracted all the time by what seemed like chaos in the world.

I desperately wanted to make a difference, but had no idea where to start.

Each morning I woke up to make decisions for three lives. Even with few commitments, it was exhausting.

That got me thinking… I wasn’t the only one who faced complicated challenges.

Every woman I knew was carrying a delicately balanced load of responsibilities.


Every day, women maneuver through a matrix of expectations…

relationships and families, health and physical appearance, professional achievement, community involvement…

In fact, women run the world. There is not a building block of society, from the family unit to geopolitics that

would remain standing if women stopped backing it.


But most women are stretched so thin, they have no idea of their own power.

It is a rare woman who can articulate her personal potential and how she will achieve it.

There is an old cliche that “behind every successful man is a woman”.

But who, I wondered, is behind the woman?


That is when this community was conceived.

We offer immediate belonging, meaningful friendship, inspiration to self-actualize, and collective impact.

We share our strengths, our struggles, our lives.

We are growing our influence, by growing ourselves.

And we’d love YOU to join us.

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