Behind the Woman is a community of the fresh-faced and long-seasoned, light-skinned and deep-toned, wild-eyed and soft-spoken, single ladies and happy partners, the true believers and the not-so-sure, the aspiring and the retiring…
Together we are defining and refining our convictions and commitments.
We are consciously creating the lives we wish to have.
What We Do

We create futures that will make history.

We get behind one another.

How We Do It

We tell our stories. We listen. We share insights and experience. We share fears and frustrations. We wrestle with heavy stuff. We lighten the load. We question our assumptions. We experiment with possibilities. We inspire one another with our blue ribbons and our outed skeletons. We cherish each other in the middle of our differences.

Join Us

We’d love to have you join us.

Slip in quietly or bang your drum, but come on into the community where real women share real life.

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